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Knit a bit of magic.

I was looking for a knitting community to join, when I saw this one on the list, and I'm already a member so I hope it's still okay to post about knitting.
I just finished reading the Zen of Knitting and it's fascinating. Most of it confirmed what I already knew, but went into depth about some of the theories I had.
I would also like to stop knitting with acrylics, and only buy natural fibers from now on. I know they cost more but I'm hoping it will make me more satisfied. That may be unrealistic with my current finances, but it's a goal to aim for if anyone wants to gift me with yarn.
Right now I'm knitting envelope hats. I made my own chart from free knitting graph paper I got on a website. http://www.brownfox.com
My friend has been knitting black wool socks on size 0 needles. She said one sock took her 37 hours. She said the 2nd one is going somewhat quicker. I'd need to buy new eyeballs if I tried that.
Lucky for me a new knit shop just opened up the street called Knitty Gritty.
I talked to my daughter about knitting and crochet. She said her friend threw a small crochet party in her home, only the word got out and 27 people showed up, many of them men. Should I take it that crochet is catching on in colleges?
I'm just tickled that my kids like to do something I like to do.
Okay, back to knitting.
Happy Memorial Day weekend. Hugs to the Vets.
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