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The bird feeder (Cross posted for some)

First you take a thick branch or small log..

and drill holes into them. We used a wood bit head (an inch is best, I think we used a half an inch). All over the log in different areas, about 1/4th of an inch to a 1/2 an inch deep. We also screwed into a top an eye hook.

This is what it looks like hanging up :)

You can see the little holes all over the place.

Then you fill it with the following things:

Suet (animal fat-melted), chunky peanut butter and corn meal (NOT SELF RISING....otherwise you will have little birdies all exploded into piles of feathers on your lawn or porch). You melt the Suet slowly (so that it doesn't fry) and add the corn meal and peanut butter until mixed. You don't want to make a lot (especially if you don't have room in your freezer). Fill the bottom of Dixie cups (a little more than a half an inch) and freeze them. After they are frozen, you can tear away the cups, cut them in 4ths and put them in a bag to keep. You will fill the holes like so:

and hang them outside. It's good for the birds and fun to watch.

Any questions, just holler! :)

Enjoy! *HUGS*
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