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Pilgrim Girl Utensil Holder (and if you are creative, whatever you want it to be)

Materials needed:

Red Heart, worsted weight yarn (gray)
Red Heart, worsted weight yarn (white)
Red Heart, worsted weight yarn (Brown) or preferred color
Size G hook
2 (5/8" in dia.) Peepers (plastic eyes)
Glue gun/glue
1 cd (such as aol)
Polyester Fiberfill
1 (1-lb) empty coffee can or can measuring 5 /12" T x 4" in dia.

Completing Pilgrim Girl:

Parts A & G: (Pilgrim Girl & Bottom)

Stuff Part A (pilgrim girl) with fiberfill, including her skirt. The raised portion on the head, rnds 8-10, represent her "nose." Working to join bottom piece (Part G) to last rnd of pilgrim girl (Part A); sl st through the bottom piece and through last rnd of skirt starting at center front (the pilgrim girl is actually looking to the side, so the front will not be in align with her nose); * sl st in next st, through both pieces; rep from * around, slipping the CD inside the bottom when half way complete, continue with instructions; join with a sl st in first st. Fasten off, leaving an approx. 8" tail.

Note: It's important you start joining the bottom piece at center front of the last round of pilgrim girl. I stated to leave a long tail on bottom, however, I neglected to state how long a tail was required for slip stitching the pieces together. If you find there isn't enough, you may want to end off and secure ends. Join Gray at joining and continue using instructions above.

Part E: (Hands & Arms)
Stuff hands and arms with fiberfill. Thread needle with tail and sew arm in position using the photo as a guide. It may be helpful to place the collar (Part C), around the pilgrims girl's neck to determine how far down to position the arm on the body. Bare in mind, she's looking to the side. Sew the opposite arm in place.

Part B: (Apron)
Apron Ties: Join White to Row 2 of apron over sc post on end, with a sl st; Ch 30. Fasten off; secure ends.

Repeat for opposite side.

Slip apron on Pilgrim girl and tie the ends together into a bow at back, using the photo as a guide.

Part C: (Collar)
Place collar around pilgrim girl's neck so that sections 2 & 3 are at front, remember she's looking to the side. Thread needle with tail and secure the collar in place.

With Brown (or preferred color), cut several lengths approx. 6-8" long. Fold each length in half and using hook, pull the folded portion through sc sts on top of pilgrim girl's head, grab ends and pull through the fold. Cinch down. Continue placing hair on head as shown in photo. Clip bangs as shown in photo. Trim all ends.

Part F: (Hat)
Clip two strands of gray. Pull one strand halfway through st at end of row 7 on hat. Repeat for opposite side. Place hat on head as shown in photo, using the "ties," (strands of yarn), tie ends into a bow at center front (aligning with collar and apron). Clip ends.

Part D: (Can cover)
Insert empty coffee can inside can cover. Pull up edges and straighten design.

Joining pilgrim girl bottom to can:
Invert can with cover. Align pilgrim girl on top of inverted can, right side up; thread needle with tail from bottom piece (Part G) and st through rnd 5 of can cover, and bottom of pilgrim girl, 3 - 5 sts to secure. Fasten off; secure ends. Lift pilgrim girl up and grab can and turn right side up.

Joining pilgrim girl hands to can:
Clip two lengths of white yarn. Aligning hand with edge of can cover, use hook to partially pull one length of yarn through "palm" of pilgrim girl's hand and through the top st on can of last rnd. Tie into a bow and clip ends. Repeat for opposite hand.

Glue eyes (peeprs) to face as shown in photo
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You are so talented..*hugs*
Thank you :) You know it's all stuff that I really enjoy doing. *hugs* :)