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Aged Photo Frame Keepsake

This is such an easy craft with the right materials. It would really add a nice touch to a picture of great grandparents or grandparents. Also many computer photo programs have a function where you can give photos an "aged" look. You could use pictures of the kids for this and make it look old!

You'll need:

stamps, letters, postcards, old fashioned pictures
craft glue (white, dries clear)
black tea bags
polyurethane varnish
paint brush
flat wooden frame (no ridges, any size)

You can use letters or other keepsakes for this because you will need to photocopy it in black and white for your first step. Photocopy more than you think you will need, in case you make errors. You'll need a damp tea bag (not wet, where it will wrinkle the paper). Rub it over your photocopies, and allow it to dry if it does become damp. This will give the pictures an aged look.

Next, carefully rip the photocopies into small sections that will fit onto the frame. Take your time and position the pieces over the entire frame until you are satisfied with the look. Brush glue onto the back of each piece and press it on to the frame, smoothing it down with your fingers and working out any air bubbles. After they are all in place, check again to make sure they are all adhered, using a toothpick to place glue under any loose edges. Smooth the edges down. Allow the pieces to dry in place. When dry, apply several coats of clear oil based varnish over the entire frame surface. Allow to dry COMPLETELY between each coat.

This is such a simple and pretty project. You could also make your own frame with wood scraps to save more money. I think this would make a wonderful family history project that could be presented to family members as a holiday or anniversary gift.
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