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I love crafts!

Acorn Crafts:

Place cards:
Glue small acorns to a small business card size piece of cardstock and tuck little pieces of dried flowers or Spanish moss around them. Glue it to the left side, and write your guests name to the right. Set it directly in front of each place setting.

Bird house roofs:
Buy or make small bird houses and glue just the tops of the acorns onto the roofs. You can do this with full size birdhouses too-if it's placed outside spray with a clean sealer.

I love using the 6-8 inch grapevine wreaths found in craft stores. They are usually less than a dollar and you can do so much with them! In this case, glue a row of acorns (try to pick ones of the same size if possible) around the wreath, centering them, so that you have room to tuck baby's breath or other tiny dried flowers around and in between. I've also gotten very rustic and used moss and dried seeds with the acorns. Place on a simple raffia bow and a loop in the back to hang. Note-if the tops come loose simply glue them back on!

Old Frames:
Hot glue acorns around a small frame then spray with a clear sealer. I always have old frames laying around, so this is an easy one! I like using the 5x7 size and putting in a picture of the kids doing some autumn activity! If the frame is still too nice to cover completely, you can just glue them in the corners as accents. Oh, and take the glass out when you are working with it-add it and the picture back in when it's dry and set.
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